'Coastal vibes' make Dunedin a year-round draw

The city of Dunedin is a favorite destination for many along Florida’s Gulf Coast, and the mayor thinks she knows why.

“We’ve just got a great group of very eclectic citizens in the city of Dunedin,” Julie Ward Bujalski explained. “People who really love a casual, relaxed lifestyle, love the environment, love the beach, love the coastal vibes that they get here.”

Many people known Dunedin as the home of top-rated Honeymoon Island State Park. But the city also boasts Edgewater Park and TD Ballpark, the spring training home of the Blue Jays.

“Dunedin is a place for all ages so if you’ve never been here, just stop by. We’ve got something going on for everybody. Great place to have brunch, great place to have dinner, great place to have date night,”  “We’ve got beautiful hotels here and just a great place to come exercise on the Pinellas Trail.”