Code enforcement cracks down in Ybor City after large maskless crowds gathered New Year’s Eve

Code enforcement officials are cracking down on maskless gatherings after dozens of people were seen in large crowds and without masks during New Year's Eve celebrations Thursday night in Ybor City.

Code enforcement teams started going door-to-door Saturday at establishments in Ybor City to make sure guests and employees are following COVID-19 guidelines.

As part of the rules, individuals inside restaurants and bars must wear a mask unless they are seated and are eating and drinking. Anyone standing must have a mask on and must social distance six-feet apart from anyone else. Employees must have a mask on at all times.

"We need the owners of the business to actually talk to the people coming into the facility and make sure they’re wearing the masks. Even have some on hand just as we do we have masks on hand if you will need them so we encourage that business owners and people managing the restaurant encourage that people visiting the restaurant wear the face coverings," city of Tampa Neighborhood Enforcement Team Leader Billie Jo Slatton said.

If an establishment does get a citation, it’s a $150 fine. A second citation is $300.


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