Cold temperatures create crisis for Bay Area families in need

A rare dip in temperature to near-freezing in the Bay Area creates compounding issues for families in need, as well as those who offer them help.

On Christmas, eight cold-weather shelters opened in Hillsborough County for people who need a safe place to stay, but COVID-19 restrictions are forcing the shelters to operate at a limited capacity.

Amazing Love Ministries normally takes in about 60 people, but can only take in 30 people per night because of the pandemic.

"If we get at capacity we call for the county to come pick them up in a bus and take them to the next shelter that's available," said Thayron Byrd with Amazing Love Ministries.

To alleviate crowded shelters, Hillsborough County gave out three-night motel vouchers.

"The county has made sure that we were going to be able to house as many people as we can to get them off the street," said Byrd.

Hillsborough County is partnering with Amazing Love Ministries to provide a limited-capacity cold weather shelter for adults.

Amazing Love Ministries is located at 3304 E. Columbus Drive in Tampa. They will be open at 6 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for adults in need of a place to stay.