Convicted Tampa cop killer files appeal, citing 'ineffective' counsel

The double murder of two police officers remains a dark chapter in Tampa's history. The killer, Dontae Morris, now says he wants a do-over.

Morris gunned down officers Dave Curtis and Jeffery Kocab during a traffic stop, and then ran them over as he fled.

Morris was convicted of the murders and sentenced to death, but recently filed an appeal, claiming his attorney, Byron Hileman was "ineffective" and didn't follow through on challenging evidence and witnesses on the stand.

Defense attorney Anthony Rickman, who reviewed the motion for FOX 13 News, said, "what he's saying is his attorney made mistakes throughout the course of the case, whether it be in the guilt phase or penalty phase."

Hileman and his co-counsel will have to answer questions under oath next month.

However, in court Tuesday morning, the attorney handling Morris' appeal told the judge Hileman has medical issues and won't make it to the hearing next month, but could be available in October.

Rickman says once the judge hears all the evidence she will decide whether Morris deserves a new trial, but the odds of that happening are not good.

"The likelihood of success on this case is not high. The cruel manner of how these officers were executed and left to die, essentially we heard all those factors and it's very unlikely the judge would overturn the conviction," said Rickman.

Morris is expected to be in a Tampa courtroom next month.