Cops warn against new handgun-shaped iPhone case

It might protect your iPhone, but it could also get you in a lot of trouble.

A new iPhone case is shaped like the grip of a handgun.  The gun cases for the iPhone 5 and 6 are selling online for as low as $5, and as high as $50. They come in black, white and pink.

The website, which sells the gun grip case and an associated app, advertised them as accessories that transform "your iPhone 5 into a handgun!".

The website also says the app “means you can play games of Russian roulette at parties!” but… “Don't worry, you can't actually shoot anyone!"

The New York Police Department is speaking out against the accessory.

"I would NOT suggest purchasing this cell phone case, which was designed to look like a firearm. #BeSmart #BeSafe,” reads a tweet from the 112th precinct in Queens.  

FOX 13 spoke with Bay area locals about the gun grip case and just about everyone said it was a bad idea, with the exception of one Bayshore Boulevard runner.

“It looks pretty cool and I would probably buy it," said George Benoit.

That’s the fear law enforcement officials have- that people will buy it because it looks cool, without considering that some may believe it’s a real gun.