Corbett Preparatory School creates unique way to do live theater during coronavirus pandemic

Corbett Preparatory School’s student acting troupe are performing in front of an audience. 

"With everything that's going on they needed this for their hearts for the community and we want to find a way to make it happen," said Seth Travaglino, Corbett Preparatory School Theater director. 

The middle school is one of the first to do live theater in the middle of a pandemic. 

"Right now we do have to be spread out and we're covered with our masks and we have to be distanced. But, it's anything to put on a play. We'll take it," explained actor Anna Butts. 

The teen actors practiced for months to put on the 40-minute performance. 

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"On the stage, we have Plexiglas shields about every eight feet so the actors stand between the shields and when they're performing they pull their mask down,” said Travaglino."We're outdoors so it’s safe for everybody." 

Anna Butts has participated in 20 theater productions. 

"Even those it's part of the production," she said. "It just honestly felt like it just slipped right into place and it really didn't feel out of place at all." 

Travaglino is proud of his student actors. 

"To be one of the first schools able to make that happen has felt so great for our kids. I just feel so blessed for them that we get this opportunity." 

The troupe hopes the play brought laughter and joy for all who came to see. The school is planning to another play later this year.


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