Counselor rebuts expert witness on final day of Jonchuck trial

In Pinellas County, the John Jonchuck murder trial is coming to an end.

Friday, both sides rested their rebuttal cases and it will soon go to the jury.

After 14 days of testimony, the defense called two final witnesses Friday afternoon. Both of them had testified earlier in the trial.

First, Heather Davis got back on the stand. She’s a counselor at the North Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center where Jonchuck spent the last four years.

Dr. Michael Maher also got back on the stand.

Both of them seemed to be there to rebut the testimony of Dr. Emily Lazarou, one of the state’s expert witnesses.

She testified Jonchuck was faking his symptoms and was not insane at the time he killed his daughter, Phoebe.

Davis was asked about her time treating Mr. Jonchuck. She was also asked about a controversial statement she overheard Lazarou say.

Defense: The purpose of him being sent to your hospital to restore competence; was it easy to do that?

Davis: No sir, the first time it took a year.

Defense: Did you hear what Dr. Lazaro said prior to that evaluation?

Davis: Yes, I heard her say she didn’t need to evaluate him to know he didn’t have a mental illness.

Closing arguments will be Monday and should take about four hours.

The prosecution will start, then the defense. The prosecution will have the last word.

After that, it’s in the jury’s hands.

They should begin deliberating around 3 o’clock, but it’s anyone’s guess how long they will deliberate – and whether or not they will say Jonchuck was insane at the time of killing his daughter.

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