County clerks prepare for final days of midterm election

Saturday morning was Clerk’s Pick Up Day at the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Election’s office. The clerk’s who run the polling sites arrived in droves to pick up their final supplies ahead of Tuesday.

That included essentials like the clerk’s briefcase, which includes polling site instructions, electronic poll books, and empty ballot bags. Craig Latimer the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections explained what those bags are for.

“At the end of the night after they end the election, they will then collect the ballots out of the machine, put them in that bag, where it will be sealed up and returned to our office that night,” Latimer said.

Staffers with Latimer’s office were packing cars with supplies for hours Saturday.

“We have 390 precincts in Hillsborough County and about 270 polling sites,” he said.

Around the corner, was one of them. That’s where FOX 13 News ran into voter Andre Sims, who decided early voting was the way to go.

“I like to avoid the line, it’s quite hectic,” he said.

Sims is a registered Republican, but he voted for the Democrat in the governor’s race this time around.

“Oh you know, it’s Gillum, Gillum, absolutely,” Sims said. “I mean I’m a Republican but, anyone trying to make some actual change and above the mudslinging. I’m down for it.”

In addition to your vote, Latimer says don’t forget your I.D.

“You need to have a form of photo-signature identification,” Latimer said. “There’s twelve different types that are allowed. The easiest one is, bring your Florida driver’s license. That’s going to get you checked in the easiest, and make for the smoothest experience.”

For Sims, it was just that.

“You have some common sense, it’s simple. It’s not hard, if you can read basic English, you’ll be fine,” he said.

Early voting ends Sunday at 7 p.m. in Hillsborough County. If you wait until Tuesday to vote, you must vote in the precinct you reside in.

But if you’re unsure of where your polling location is, you can look it up on