Couples wanting to marry during pandemic turn to micro-weddings for their big day 

During a time when families struggle to get together, brides and grooms are simply having to wait or visit the courthouse for their big day. That is why a wedding planner and a wedding photographer who were out of work got together in Pinellas County decided to get creative. 

“This is just that level up from eloping,” said photographer Kristina Houser.  

Houser and Jillian Bartosiak started MiniMony weddings. 

“A lot of the people envisioning having these 200 person weddings, maybe one of them is not working anymore,” Bartosiak said.  

Founders of Minimony

At a fraction of the cost, the couple -- along with just 25 of their closest loved ones -- shows up for a wedding that has been pre-produced.  

The smallest time slot is just 90 minutes. It includes everything: the ceremony, decorations, pictures and video, cocktail hour, and DJ.  

“We really wanted to put our industry back. This is like our silver lining,” Houser said.  

couple putting on rings at wedding

They do three to five weddings in one day, sanitizing in between, at venues a lot of couples wouldn’t be able to otherwise afford.  Their cheapest package starts at just over $4,600 for a 90-minute wedding.  

“This is a Pinterest-worthy ceremony and reception,” Bartosiak insisted.  

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