Creative writing workshops for kids promote literacy

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Kids are learning how to use the power of the pen to formulate creative sentences.

"So far it improved me on my word skills," student Raymond said.

Raymond is taking part in a free writing summer camp for students ages 9 to 12. Keep St. Pete Lit is an artistic guild promoting literacy.

Maureen McDole is president and founder of the group.

"Writing helps you to explore your thoughts and your feelings," she explained. 

Students learn storytelling techniques, how to form a poem, and publish a book.

"It's my hope that kids will have the freedom here to tap their inner creativity and really find their own voice," Writing Coach Bob Schwartz said.

Jewel Walker participated in the workshop and said, "I'm writing about everyday life in my house and what you might see if you actually are present."

Teachers from area schools are training students.

"Keep people lit! Keep people literate. Keep people reading and writing," Maureen said of their goal. "Keep people growing and expanding their minds."

Young minds learning valuable tools for future success; Keep It Lit says that they will do the camp again next year.