Crews begin building track for annual Firestone Grand Prix in St. Pete

It’s been just about six months since the delayed Firestone Grand Prix took place in St. Petersburg, and the city is gearing up to host it once again.  

On Monday, crews began the daunting task of preparing for the big race which is set to take place April 23-25.  

The grandstands are already mostly in place. However, crews still have to set up 18,000 feet worth of concrete barriers and 22,000 feet of chain-link spectator fencing as they prepare the 1.8-mile track. 

Last year, the race was delayed until October due to COVID-19. This year, it’s been delayed once again, but this time, it’s only about a month later than the normal March date.  

While crews have a big task ahead of them getting ready for race day, they have it down to a science as they did this same job just a few short months ago. 

City leaders are also confident that the 17th annual Firestone Grand Prix will be just as safe as it was back in October. Face masks will be required and temperature checks will be performed on entry. They’re also limiting their crowds to only about 20,000 fans per day. 

Even though the trends have drastically improved, city leaders still want to make sure this is a safe event for the public to attend.  

Tickets are on sale and start at $60 for three-day general admission. More information can be found at