Crystal River clam stand is her once-a-month treat

Debbie Mills lives on a fixed income and limits how she spends her money.  However, she saves specifically for her monthly treat – clams at Dan’s Clam Stand.  

Debbie grew up in the Northeast, where clams were common.  In fact, she has memories growing up of help to shuck freshly gathered clams every Fourth of July at her big family gathering. 

“I would be the one that opened all the clams. And when I say clams, it was garbage pails full of clams,” the former Long Islander explained. “And I would open every one of them.”  

Her meal at Dan’s Clam Stand may be the most expensive of her month, but to her, it’s worth every penny.

“I’m worth it,” she chuckled. “Everybody deserves a treat every now and then.”


Dan’s Clam Stand
2315 N Sunshine Path
Crystal River, FL 34428
(352) 795-9081

Tue-Wed  11a-8p
Thu-Sat    11a-9p

Dan’s also has a second location in Homossassa.