Dad makes float for Gasparilla Children's Parade

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Designing elaborate floats is becoming the norm for Darin Scanio. He creates a unique float every year for the Gasparilla Children's parade.

As we countdown to Saturday's big celebration, Scanio perfects this year's creation.

"This is the Mambe Coconut." Scanio explained.

Every year, Scanio adds something to his prized project.

"Added the pirate coconut head that we fill with beads and coins that the kids give out as we are going down the parade," Darin said.

Darin built his first float for the Gasparilla Children's Parade four years ago when his oldest child was born.
"We kept seeing the kid's parade and said we are going to do this we are going to do it," Darin said.

Darin took a grocery cart and made it into a pirate float for his kids to ride in the parade.

"We have a good time with it," Darin said. "The kids really enjoy it."

Last year, he added a mast and streamers.

"This year we are probably going to do lights trying to rig up a way I can do some fake smoke coming out of the cannons," Darin said

It takes him 40 hours to transform the float into a work of art.

"You always want to be on top of the mountain on creativity," Darin said

He says the Children's Parade brings about a unusual change.

"The kids become adults and the adults become kids," Darin said.

Something his children never seem to forget.