Dashcam: Child bicyclist's near-miss with car prompts road safety warning

A fireman in England nearly collided into a child riding a bicycle, and officials say it’s a good reminder for parents and kids with summertime in its final days.

On Sunday, Robert Allen was driving along a country road in Bromsgrove, England. He works as a group commander for the Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue, and caught the close call on his dash cam. 

He braked hard, and just in time as the child is seen crossing the road. He said he decided to tweet out the video as a helpful warning to parents and near-disasters between vehicles and non-attentive kids. Allen advises parents to go over safety procedures with their kids when riding.

Allen also said he didn’t post the video to embarrass the child, but just a reminder to be careful and watch for vehicles at intersections. Also, he wants to remind them to also wear helmets for protection.