Daughters confront father at his sentencing for killing their mother

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Keith Dukes' three daughters have been waiting for this day for three and a half years.

Makaylah Dukes was only 14 when she watched her father, Keith Dukes murder her mother, Michelle Dukes.

"Me, my sisters, my grandma, and everybody else can close this chapter; a very horrific one," said Mikaylah, now 18.

On Tuesday, a jury convicted Dukes of murdering his wife, Michelle back in February of 2015.

Prosecutors say, during an intense argument Dukes cut his wife's throat with a box cutter and then hunted her down at a neighbor’s home where she hid with her two daughters, Mikaylaha and Maya.

He punched a hole through a wall and then shot Michelle several times.

Maya was only 13 years old.

"You will spend your days staring at the bleak, concrete walls in an uncomfortable suit, thinking how you will never watch your daughters grow up. You will never watch me graduate. You will never watch me walk down the aisle," said a tearful Maya.

The baby sister of the family, Monica Dukes was 7 at the time of her mother's murder. Like her sister she never addressed the defendant as "dad" or "father." She called him Keith.

Now 11, Monica let him know she has found a new passion for playing volleyball, but he will never see it.

"Keith, I can have you and mommy sitting on the sidelines cheering for me but what you did is take something away that could never be replaced," she said through sobs.

Dukes was sentenced to life in prison without parole.