Dead trees, loose limbs can be deadly during a storm

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Debris is one of the main concerns when it comes to hurricanes so tree trimmers have been busy this week cutting down dead trees and loose limbs to prepare for the storm.

If you haven't already, assess your yard and make sure there aren't any dead trees or loose limbs. If there are, be sure to remove them by this weekend because they can become some of the storm's deadliest objects.

Dash camera video from Hurricane Irma in 2017 shows a tree crash down right in front of a car. What happened is just one example of the threat posed by trees during hurricanes.

"Trees can be very dangerous. They are very weighted. When they come down, they come down all the sudden without warning a lot of times," Pete & Ron's Tree Service Owner Pete Fernandez said.

As Hurricane Dorian inches closer to Florida, tree services are busy trimming branches and trees at risk of becoming dangerous.

"We took care of everything we could. Anything we saw that was an imminent emergency we pretty much handled," Fernandez said.

Beginning this week, tree services across the Bay Area have been fielding an influx of calls.

Fernandez says their call volume has doubled by going from an average of about 15 calls a day to more than 40, but now he says it's down the wire and warns anyone with tree problems should take care of them as soon as possible.

"At this time, there's not a lot else we can do because now we are just making sure there is now loose material and making sure there will be no flying debris from any of our trees or our work. We've addressed about every emergency we can," Fernandez said.

If times runs out, Fernandez says do your best to be safe and stay away from any dangers.

"If your bedroom is under a tree that may be a hazard. Maybe don't sleep in there during a hurricane. Go to another room so be sure your environment is safe at least as much as you can tell," Fernandez said.

It's also a busy time for tree trimmers after the hurricane. In some cases, we've seen people get seriously hurt or even killed trying to trim their own trees after the storm. When in doubt, leave it up to the professionals to help you out.

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