Deadly road-rage shooting in Citrus County

A deadly road-rage shooting in Citrus County can be heard unfolding in 911 recordings released by the Sheriff's Office Friday.

Robert Doyle, 51, is charged with second-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Detectives said the ordeal began Thursday evening in the Citrus Hills area and lasted several miles. During that time, 911 dispatchers received calls from inside both vehicles.

"I have a truck, there's some maniac that's been following me, trying to run me off the road an (expletive). My gun is already out. It's cocked and locked," Doyle told the dispatcher.

At almost the exact same time, the wife of 44-year-old Candelario Gonzalez was on the phone with another 911 operator. She indicated her husband was also threatening violence.

"My husband wants to go whoop his (expletive)," he said.

"Well if he does that, he'll, he'll go to jail," the dispatcher responded.

Both callers blame the other driver for acting aggressively.

Doyle's made at least two more references to his gun.

"They are following me to my house. I'll be there in 20 seconds and the guns are already out," he said, later adding, "I'm going home and the gun's coming out. I'm going to put it to his (expletive) head."

In the meantime, Gonzalez's wife urged her husband to stop following, even though he can be heard saying he planned to follow Doyle all the way to Doyle's home.

"We're going on home. We're going home. Oh, I guess we're not," Gonzalez's wife told the dispatcher.

Soon after, screaming can be heard inside the victim's car. "The son of a (expletive) has got a gun."

Inside Doyle's car, his wife appears to urge him to put the gun away. He doesn't.

"It's going down right now," Doyle said.

Moments later, Doyle's wife can be heard: "Don't shoot! I have 911 on the phone!" Those words were followed by five gunshots.

"Oh my God! He shot my husband!" Gonzalez's wife yelled.

"The guy wouldn't back off and when he started charging at him, that's when he shot," Doyle's wife told the operator.

According to detectives, Doyle then held Gonzalez's wife, daughter and grandson at gunpoint until deputies arrived. He told them he acted in self-defense.

But detectives don't believe it and said, based on the words Doyle used in his own 911 call, it appears he was the aggressor and that's why he's charged with murder.

"He doesn't come out and say I'm going to shoot this guy. He said 'I've got my gun out. I'm cocked and locked and ready to go,'" said Capt. Dave DeCarlo, with the Citrus County Sheriff's Office.

One of the bullets went through Bruce Gillespie's window and a wall in his home. He didn't realize it until late Thursday night.

"Lo and behold, there's this one little picture we have that says 'faith' on it and right above it was this  hole," said Gillespie, who added he had just taken a break from hanging pictures to run errand before the  shooting happened. "The scary thing after it sunk in is I would have standing on that desk hanging that picture right about that time and that."

Gillespie said he's met Doyle, who lives right across the street.

"He is a nice guy. That's the whole part that I don't understand," he said. "To have somebody just drive up your street, come out, have an argument, pull out a gun and start killing people? And it doesn't happen in this community. That's what bothers me."

FOX 13 knocked on Doyle's door and a man who answered said the family isn't commenting.