Deputies: Hudson beach bar robbery was an inside job

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New information from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office shows Monday morning’s robbery at a popular beach bar in Hudson appears to have been an inside job.

Deputies say Scott Bamberger drew out a map of the Sam's Hudson Beach Bar and left doors open for Steven Snow.

Snow, deputies say, would bring in his two nephews Terrance Snow and Austin Hurtt to carry out the crime.

They allegedly had a gun, used pepper spray, assaulted the unsuspecting staff, and then took off with cash.

Friday morning, three of the four alleged suspects were in court for the first time. They all have long rap sheets and were all given lofty bonds. 

Customers at the scenic beach bar reached with surprise to hear the crime was an inside job. 

“As hard as it is out here to find a job and you find somebody that wants to work and they set you up and find out it’s an inside job that’s not a nice thing,” said Robert Skeen.

“Times are hard people are desperate once again the world is becoming a nastier place,” said Bill Costello.

The beach bar is back open, thankfully none of the employees were seriously injured.