DeSantis casts doubt on problems with unemployment system

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis bristled at questions Friday regarding the state’s unemployment system.

Many jobless Floridians say they still have not been approved for state and/or federal benefits, for which they have to apply through the state's CONNECT unemployment website.

When asked about those still waiting for a response from the Department of Economic Opportunity on the status of their unemployment applications, DeSantis suggested that the unpaid claims were the result of user errors or ineligibility.

"Who's been waiting?" DeSantis asked the reporter. "Can you give me the names?"

The reporter told the governor he sends a list of names every day to the DEO of people who claim they are still having problems with the fraught CONNECT system. 

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DeSantis pushed back, asking the reporter to "give me the names" of those individuals. 

DeSantis went on to say "99.99%" of Floridians who completed the application for unemployment benefits and were eligible to receive them "have been paid." He also said employees from the unemployment office were reaching out to every person who said they were having problems in an effort to help solve the issues.