Disney Springs' 'Paddlefish' selling boozy push pops for adults

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During a hot day at Disney Springs, there is a magically-delicious cold treat that are for adults only.

Paddlefish, a paddleboat restaurant in the former Downtown Disney location, started selling “Buzz Pop Cocktails,” which are basically boozy push-pops. They can be purchased anywhere in the restaurant, including the rooftop deck. 

They have the following flavors:
Southern Belle – Bourbon
Caribbean Breeze – Organic Rum
Mango Passion – Organic Rum
Pink Paradise – Tequila
Blueberry Mania – Tequila
Watermelon – Vodka
Moscow Mule – Organic Vodka
Lemon Drop – Organic Vodka

A spokesperson said the best sellers are the Southern Bell, Mango Passion and Lemon Drop flavors. The popsicles are concocted from a Las Vegas company, which says the ABV is about 15 percent – almost double the alcohol percentage of an average glass of wine. 

Buzz Pop Cocktails launched earlier this year. Paddlefish started selling them in September.