Dive team pulls stolen Mercedes from Hillsborough River

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The Tampa Police Department dive team spent Wednesday morning underwater, working to remove a submerged car from the Hillsborough River. 

FOX 13 cameras were there to capture it, start to finish.

It is the second car being pulled from the water in Hillsborough County in less than a week.

“We do most everything by feel,” said Dive Team Commander Greg Weeks. 

The visibility underwater was nearly zero. 

Once the team is able to secure the vehicle, heavy duty lines from a wrecker begin to pull the car from the murky depths.

This one turned out to be a black, 2006 Mercedes. Now it's a barnacle-covered mess.

TPD says it was reported stolen in Tampa, likely taken between July 29 and August 14, 2016, from the 2600 block of North Dundee Street.

For officers, getting the car back on dry land was just another day at the office.

“Definitely something we look forward to doing. It helps close a case. That’s part of our job,” Weeks said.