Dog still missing 5 days after escaping TIA

5 days and still no sight of a pet dog that escaped a crate at Tampa International Airport.  This weekend, the pup’s owners flew in from Bermuda to help with the search.

Desperate and worried, Christie Pennell and her family flew about 1,100-miles here to Tampa to look for their dog, Brady.

“We’ve been looking for days, there’s so many different places she could be,” said Pennell.

The four-year-old hound-mix was supposed to be on a Delta Airlines flight to join her family in Bermuda Wednesday night.  Instead, airport officials say the canine chewed through the metal bars of her crate and escaped.

“It’s like our child, we put her in your hands and we were guaranteed that everything was going to be okay,” Pennell said.  “So it’s very frustrating.”

Since bolting across the tarmac, Brady has been spotted twice.  Both times by workers at a bar close to TIA.  It was Pennell’s first stop when she, her husband and daughter got to town.

“We kinda called for Brady, just hoping again she would hear our voice and come out.”

Over the next two days, Christie alongside volunteers who were complete strangers have been plastering the area with flyers.  Hanging them, hoping someone sees her pet and reaches out.

“We just want to focus on finding her, and just praying to God that she’s okay,” said Pennell.

Not wasting any more time, the family is now bringing in professional help.  A private investigator will be on the ground Monday morning

“So tomorrow our goal is to investigate and discover what happened, and why the sightings ended,” said Karin TarQwyn, the Founder of Lost Pet Professionals.  “Where is she, which way did Brady go, and why aren’t we haven’t witnesses come forward.”

A handler with a bloodhound and German shepherd will spend the day tracking Brady’s scent.  Hopefully getting the family one step closer to a happy ending.

“We just we want our dog back, we miss her,” Pennell said.

Delta flew the family to Tampa this weekend to look for Brady, and is putting Christie up in a hotel until Wednesday.
Brady is microchipped, and likely has injuries on her face.  There is a $1,500 reward for anyone who finds her.