Don't fall for fake reviews on Amazon

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If you rely on reviews to make buying decisions on Amazon, look closely.

A consumer watchdog group says off-brand tech products are popping to the top of searches.

A consumer rights group in the UK said that an analysis of hundreds of tech products, including headphones and smartwatches, showed search results are being dominated by little-known brands, thanks to thousands of unverified five-star reviews.

On Amazon, five-star reviews boost products in search results, but the consumer group says they found many cases of suspicious reviews, including ones that were uploaded back-to-back.

This is how to avoid falling for a fake review on Amazon.

-Check unverified versus verified reviews to make sure the person giving their thoughts actually bought the product.

-Be extra careful with unknown brands.

-Watch out for lots of reviews posted in a close time frame.

-Be wary of repetition. Multiple reviews containing similar language or phrases are a red flag.

-Compare with reviews on a different site.

-Use Fakespot. It's a website that scans the reliability of a review by copying the URL of the product. Using artificial intelligence, it grades results from A (good) to F (avoid) and works for items on Amazon, Best Buy, Steam, Walmart, TripAdvisor and more.