Dorian drops the rain chances; heat advisory issued for Tampa Bay

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As Hurricane Dorian moves away from Florida, the storm is bringing the heat to Tampa Bay. On Thursday, it's going to feel like its over 100 degrees for most of the area. For Florida, that's hot.

Residents from the coastal to interior counties within Tampa Bay woke up to a warmer morning, says FOX 13's meteorologist Dave Osterberg. Not only will it feel warm outside, but the humidity is "sky-high."

Because of that, the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory from noon to 6 p.m. Thursday. During those hours, the heat index forecast -- which is how warm it feels outside -- will be between 105 and 110 degrees. 

Despite the state's location in the south, it is rare for temperatures in Florida to climb beyond the low 90s during the summer because of our usual afternoon rain pattern that normally provides relief. However, Hurricane Dorian has essentially removed potential rainfall from the forecast for the next three days.

As Dorian moves away, it's pulling in drier air over Tampa Bay, dropping the rain chances to, essentially, zero through the weekend, according to the latest forecast. Wind is moving onshore, bringing in humidity to the area, as well.

"Between the heat, the humidity and the lack of rain, guess what? We got a heat advisory," Osterberg said. "If you get any rain over the next three or four days, consider yourself lucky."

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As of noon Thursday, Dorian had winds of up to 110 mph and was moving north at 8 mph off the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina. It is expected to turn northeast by Thursday night and become a Category 2 storm.

It's a situation where the eye wall could come close to the Carolinas' coast, but never make landfall -- or it could make landfall, it all depends on when that northeast turn occurs. Then, Osterberg said, Dorian will race off into the northeast.

"And it's gone," he said. "I mean it's gone by Friday night, thankfully."