Double amputee in Georgia dreams to be police officer

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A man in Georgia has a dream of being a police officer. Not just any officer, but the first police officer who is an above the knee double amputee.

Pierre Lucien is a Marietta Police Public Safety Ambassador. He said since he was a child, he has always wanted to be a police officer.

"I grew up in a bad neighborhood, so I always wanted to make a difference," said Lucien.

He graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice. In 2007, while going through the academy with the Atlanta Police Department, his life changed forever.

"I became ill, severe dehydration caused acute kidney failure, cardiac arrest, rhabdomyolysis, and caused me to lose my legs," said Lucien.

He was in a coma for two months. Doctors gave him a two-percent chance of surviving. But he fought back and beat the odds. Now once again he is pursuing his dream by taking a job as a Public Safety Ambassador.

"It allows me to learn the codes and signals officers use and will allow me to transition easier to becoming an officer than coming right off the street," said Lucien.

He says he's working hard in the weight room and on the track to be able to pass the physical agility test to become an officer. He says it won't be easy.

"I've never been a runner, I'm 30 seconds from the passing score, but I have coaches trying to help me get to that point," said Lucien.

Lucien says sometimes when responding to calls, people are shocked to see him.

"A lot of people when I get out of the car say, 'Whoa this guy has no legs', but I say 'I have life,'" said Lucien.

Lucien knows he can't change the past but he can move forward and be the best Ambassador he can, and one day be the first police officer who is an above the knee double amputee.

"This is my everyday life and that's the card God has dealt and I'm just trying to play it as best as I can," said Lucien.

Lucien said there is an NYPD officer who is a double amputee. He said not if, but when, he becomes an officer, he would be the first above the knee double amputee.