Duette Santa celebrates Christmas year-round

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and the decorations are neatly displayed - as time ticks down toward John O'Connor - otherwise known as Santa's - big night.

Twenty-five years ago, O'Connor said he was asked to throw on a red suit and visit some neighborhood children in Duette. Since then, he's taken on the role of Santa nearly year-round. 

"It is nice to see that I can put a smile on people's face. That makes me feel warm inside," said O'Connor explained.

And Linda O'Connor - now Mrs. Claus - said the experience 25-years ago changed her husband.

"He came back and he was so excited. He just absolutely loved it and he said 'that is what I want to do,'" Linda explained.

So Linda helps him every step of the way. For years, they have visited children, the elderly and anyone in need of some Christmas spirit.

"It is amazing how excited they get. You get a certain age, 14 to 15, and they say 'we are too old to sit in his lap' and I say 'I don't think so.' We have 80 and 90 years old that sit in his lap," Mrs. Claus explained.

But these elves say it's not about the presents.

"It makes me feel good and it adds to my enjoyment of the Christmas season and giving is, I think the thing that people should be doing more of. I take that to heart. I am trying to give of myself so that they can crack a smile or make a laugh or be happier," said Mr. Claus.