Elected officials invite Florida constituents to State of the Union Address

President Trump is preparing to address the nation Tuesday night, delivering the annual State of the Union Address. 

The speech comes on the heels of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, and with the threat of another looming; there is growing anticipation about what the president will have to say.

When Trump delivers the State of the Union, it will not just be lawmakers watching in the House gallery. Every member can also bring a guest.

"If you are an opponent of the president, you also are likely to invite someone who is also very critical of the president's point of view, at least on key issues,” said FOX 13 News Political Editor, Craig Patrick. "If you are with the president, you're more likely to invite someone who shares his priorities."

We know border patrol agents will be in the crowd, along with undocumented workers.           

Coast Guard wife Chelsey Gutierrez is joining Pinellas County Representative Charlie Crist.

"I feel incredibly humbled and honored by that because I know it's a big deal," she said.

The mother of two was chosen because of how her family was impacted by the government shutdown.  They essentially live paycheck to paycheck, so it was hard when her husband, Chris wasn’t paid.

"Trying to hold the fort down, trying to make ends meet somehow, trying to decide what we do with money, bills, do we delay the bills and not worry about groceries, do we buy groceries and just kind of wait on the bills," said Gutierrez.

Survivors and family members of mass shootings will also be in attendance.

Senator Rick Scott tweeted Tuesday he is honored to have Andrew Pollack as his guest. Pollack's daughter, Meadow, was one of 17 people killed last February at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

“There's still a lot more to do with moving forward with the Marjory Stoneman Douglass Commission and I hope to get some of the other recommendations implemented in the state of Florida that the president came up with," said Pollack.

The State of the Union address was originally supposed to take place Jan. 29, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi revoked Trump's invitation because of the government shutdown.

The deal that re-opened the government only provides funding through Feb. 15.

You can watch the State of the Union address on FOX 13 Tuesday at 9 p.m.