‘Embodiment of evil’: Tampa woman accused of masterminding double murder wants out of jail

A 20-year-old woman accused of planning and executing two murders wanted to get out of jail as prosecutors fought to keep her behind bars. 

During a bond hearing, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office lead detective Joshua Davis described the cold and calculated killing of 23-year-old Erica Negrete Aviles.

He says Negrete Aviles was gunned down by Fatima Garcia Avila and her boyfriend Daniel Negrete on July 18. Investigators say Negrete pulled the trigger.

When prosecutors asked him what the cause and manner of death was, Detective Davis replied, "Homicide."

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Davis said Negrete Aviles was shot six times.

Erica Negrete Aviles

Murder victim Erica Negrete Aviles

Prosecutors say Avila was the mastermind behind the ‘revenge killings.’

They say she helped her boyfriend kill Negrete Aviles, who is his cousin's wife, because they believed she was having an affair with a co-worker. 

The victim was shot outside her home in Dover. Her husband, Cornelio Negrete Jr., was shot as well but survived his injuries.

Investigators say text messages between the couple gave them a play-by-play of the murders. Detective Davis read out loud to the judge:

"Daniel messages the defendant, ‘On my way!'" 
"The defendant messages Daniel at 10:08:52 seconds, 'It's done!?'"
"Daniel messages her back 10:09:06 seconds, 'Yes.’"

But this chilling plot wasn't over. According to Davis, Avila then planned to pin the murder on her ex-boyfriend. 

"She stated to the identifiable witness that, ‘Who better to take the fall then my ’ex' and if you tell anybody, we will kill you too,'" recalled the detective.

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Accused double murder mastermind Fatima Garcia Avila appears in a Tampa courtroom during a bond hearing.

Accused double murder mastermind Fatima Garcia Avila appears in a Tampa courtroom during a bond hearing. 

On July 26, Antonio Cuellar Enriquez was found shot to death at the Baker Creek Boat ramp in Thonotosassa.

Detectives say Negrete was the shooter but tried to make it look like a suicide. 

By then, Tampa judge Catherine Catlin had heard enough. She denied bond for Avila and followed her ruling with scathing words.

"Your text messages are chilling. At 20 years old – that you’re plotting to frame an innocent person, and murder that person for the first murder. And your body language and demeanor are chilling. You look bored. To me, you are the embodiment of evil," Judge Catlin said. 

Avila will remain in jail awaiting her trial.