Events planner reinvents business by going online, adding a bit of mystery 

You never know what you going to get when you order from Ronnie Lee's online novelty store in St. Petersburg. Lee, an event planner, co-owns of Cheers Events and the St. Pete Side Lot with his wife Kristin Coffey.  

"Since we are not doing events right now. We had to come up with something to do." 

What he came up with was an online store that sells mystery boxes. 

"I had all these pop culture collectibles in my garage for about 20 years," Lee explained. "I thought why don't I learn how to have an online store and start selling it." 

Lee puts everything from a number two pencil to a box of Kleenex, along with CD's and magazines in the packages. 

"We had a red flapper dress that I put in one of my mystery boxes for one of my guy friends because I thought it would be funny for him to get a red flapper dress," he said. 

Ronnie Lee with a mystery box

Lee says it's a good way to clean out his garage and find a new home for old pop culture items. 

"Even if they don't want it. It, it makes them laugh when they get something so random. They’re like thanks ha, ha." 

A creative way to bring about a smile. 

Items inside mystery box

"It's a fun way to move some product and it's a good sell. I mean so it's great. It's a win, win," Lee shared. Spreading joy and laughter one mystery at a time.

Visit to learn more about Lee's mystery boxes.

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