Experts warn parents about plastics in microwaves

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The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging parents to rethink how they use microwaves and dishwashers in conjunction with their children's plastic bottles and food containers. 

According to a new study, harmful chemicals found in plastics can cause health problems for children. 

"The issue is that a lot of these plastics contain various chemicals that can leak into food when heated," said Dr. Alfred Algeuas, of the Florida Poison Information Center at Tampa General Hospital. "The science is there to back it up."

BPA, PFC, and other chemicals are found in plastics. According to the study, if ingested, they can cause hormonal imbalances and harm the nervous and immune systems.

More specifically, the study suggests the chemicals can cause children to hit puberty at an earlier age and even cause fertility problems down the road.

Federal laws have recognized some of the research and BPA is already banned from bottles and other cups.

But the American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging parents to go a step further and avoid microwaving and washing their child's food containers in the dishwasher all together.

"It takes five seconds to heat on the stove," said Irena Glushin, a mother of two.