Fabstayz helps connect LGBTQ travelers with welcoming communities

Renee King opens her cozy apartment next to her Tampa Heights home to guests from all over the world.

"Looking for new ways to market my Airbnb. Always trying to keep it full," said King.

She recently became a host on a site called Fabstayz. It's an Airbnb-style service to guests of the LGBTQ community.

"They travel and they travel a lot," said King.

Local sites, like Visit St. Pete-Clearwater and Visit Tampa Bay, openly promote our area as a destination. A leading LGBTQ research firm also has Florida locales dominating its top-10 travel list, listing Tampa-St. Pete as a popular spot.

Robert Geller saw the opportunity and started Fabstayz in his Tampa townhome.

"We've been working with visitor bureaus all over the world. We have tiny homes in Portland, we have a castle in France, there's a lesbian couple in Chattanooga that has a firehouse that dates back to the 1920's,” listed Geller.

As an Airbnb host himself, he believes transparency makes guests feel more comfortable.

"I believe it must be a relief for them to search for a property where they know they are going to be welcome regardless of their lifestyle," said King, who is considered an ally host on Fabstayz.

"[It’s] somebody who's friendly and open and loving to anybody in the LGBTQ community. We just want to let them know that they're welcome to stay with us and we would let them know that we enjoy their company," she explained.

King said her rental is perfect for Fabstayz.

"The location alone is amazing. We have so many LGBTQ-friendly establishments right within my neighborhood,” King continued.

It's that thoughtful hospitality that could open doors to new guests and hosts.  

"I see us getting bigger and being the place that everyone in the LGBTQ community goes to when they're traveling,” added Geller.

LINK: For more information about Fabstayz, visit https://fabstayz.com/