Fake Sarasota doctor counseled patients without a license, police say

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He claimed to be a doctor but police say he's a fraud. One of his patients says she knew something wasn't right.

To his clients, Phillip Stutzman was Dr. Nikao - a life coach, with a rags-to-riches story. His website boasts "lifestyle and habit strategist."

“He had degrees from different universities... he was offering different types of services,” said Sarasota Police Department spokesperson Genevieve Judge.

Police say he also claimed to be a licensed counselor and therapist who works with sexual abuse victims and helps people with weight and anxiety issues.

But police say Stutzman didn't have a medical degree. Investigators say he falsified documents and his highest level of education may be a GED.

“No one under the name of Stutzman or the name he was using had a medical license in the state of Florida,” Judge added.

Police began investigating after three female patients came forward with stories of awkward sessions at his downtown office.

Police records show he purchased a sex toy for one of his patients and would often talk about his own sexual experiences.

“He made physical advances towards them, he invited them to different conferences he was attending throughout the state,” Judge said.

Police arrested Stutzman last week. They believe there are other victims.

One victim told FOX 13 News, “I'm having trust issues again. I’m scared all the advice he gave me wasn't legit.”

She said she went to Stutzman to feel better about herself, but wound up feeling worse.

“He’s just a random guy that conned everyone. I’m kind of sick to my stomach that I trusted this guy,” she said.

Stutzman had been seeing patients from October 2016 to January 2019.

Sarasota police ask anyone who maybe a victim to call Detective Ross Revill at 941-954-7092. Anonymous tips can be submitted to Crime Stoppers by calling 941-366-8477 or online at www.sarasotacrimestoppers.com.