Family, colleagues pray for Polk teacher hospitalized with COVID-19

An Auburndale High School teacher is intubated at Lakeland Regional Health with kidney failure after contracting COVID-19.

It is a surprise to many people around him because D’Anthony Dorsey is a healthy, strapping young guy and lifelong athlete. In high school and college, he never saw a sport he didn’t want to compete in, from football to wrestling to track and field.

Those around him, including family members, never thought the virus would make him this ill.

"What you don’t ever want to see is your child being intubated and put on a ventilator," his mom, Lydia Dorsey, told FOX 13. "Every time I go to sleep I see it."

About a month ago, Dorsey says, D’Anthony was feeling bad and went to the hospital. She says he was told he was not sick enough to be admitted, and was sent home.  A few days later, he felt worse and went back. She says he was sent home again.

Finally, she says, his body crashed, was rushed by ambulance and admitted.

He has been there ever since.

In a written statement released by the Polk School District, the principal of Auburndale High, Tye Bruno, writes: "We are all praying for his swift recovery."

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Dorsey says she is not sure if her son was vaccinated, and questions the governor’s mandate, which is now being litigated, to prohibit districts from mandating masks for school children.

"I wish the governor could see my son on a ventilator and explain to me why he thinks my son doesn’t deserve to be protected while he teaches," she said.

On Tuesday, Dorsey got a ray of hope. The results of the latest tests showed her son’s blood oxygen level had almost doubled.

"Every day that we stay where we are, or makes a step in the right direction," she continued, "I am grateful for."

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