Wimauma girl fighting for her life after crash in Mexico kills parents, grandparents

A Wimauma family is dealing with an unimaginable amount of grief after they say four family members were killed in a crash while vacationing in Mexico last month.

The family says the only survivor is their 12-year-old niece and granddaughter Jasmin who is now in a hospital in Mexico fighting for her life.

"She suffered severe injuries throughout her body from the head down. That being said, she's in the hospital currently and in Mexico, which I know that the care there is not what we're used to here," Cindy Garcia, Jasmin’s aunt said. "And that's what we're trying to do everything as possible to get her back to the safe and get her the proper treatment and get her into the path of recovery, hopefully soon."

Jasmin lost her parents and grandparents in the crash. The family is now searching for answers into what happened to their family.

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"We don't know. There's no explanation. We're trying to get any kind of reports. Unfortunately, the authorities over there are not being too cooperative. And so, I honestly can't explain because we don't know," Garcia said.

Family of Jasmin Cervantes-Garcia, who nearly died in a crash in Mexico that killed her parents and grandparents.

Jasmin is the youngest of five siblings. Her brothers say they’ve traveled back and forth to Mexico to look after her as well as make arrangements to bury their grandparents in Mexico and bring the bodies of their parents back to Florida.

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The family is currently raising money to cover medical air transport for Jasmin, who is also a student at Sumner High and Academy 2027.

Bus and car crash in Mexico that killed parents and grandparents of Wimauma girl, who nearly died.

Credit: BYPV de San Luis

"My sister is still alive. She's fighting. We're trying to do everything we can to bring her over or save up money. Raised up money any way we can. Friends and family, everyone's helping pitching in, which is awesome. It's very great to see how much my family was loved," Jose Cervantes said.

The family is hoping things come together financially and medically for Jasmin to be transported to All Children’s Hospital next week.