‘God set everything up to save me’: Child critically injured in lightning strike makes ‘miraculous’ recovery

An 11-year-old boy knocked unconscious by a bolt of lightning is getting better each day.

Levi Stock vividly remembers how the sky looked last Thursday afternoon as he went boating on Hillsborough Bay with his mom, dad and younger sister.

"I just like breathing fresh air and the sun," Levi stated. "Then we saw clouds, so we decided to go back and we were the first to go back."

His memory of that day stops when his family got within 100 feet of the Williams Park boat ramp in Riverview and lightning struck.  

Levi’s mother Kristen said, "I was bending down and picking stuff up and I just remember, it was like an explosion in my face, and I had no idea what happened."

A lightning bolt, likely with enough energy to power a home for over a month, had gone through his body.

"It came out between my pinky toes," Levi stated.

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The bolt knocked Levi out of the boat, but his dad was able to jump in, grab him, and get him to shore. He started doing CPR while 911 was called.

Levi regained consciousness ten hours later.

"I was just like where am I? They said you're in the hospital. I asked what happened and they said you got struck by lightning. I was just like I got struck by lightning?"

Pinky toe of lightning child strike survivor.

Levi's foot was injured in the lightning strike. 

Levi’s brain scans were normal and he improved physically each day in the hospital.

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"I was just like no way because the chances of that are one in a million," he said.

Levi was discharged four days later.

"If I (touch my leg) like this, it stings, and sometimes it just like shocks," he shared.

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For Levi’s mom, reminders of the moment he doesn't remember are everywhere.

They have gotten well-wishes from all over the Bay Area.

"The love we have felt this week from our church, family or family, our friends, the doctors, nurses, everybody has just been so amazing and helping every step of the way," she said.

Levi Stock and family at beach.

Along with friendly ribbings from doctors who asked for lotto numbers, or from siblings who now call him ‘Thor’, he has learned plenty.

"I am really thankful for the people who prayed. God set up everything up to save me. Especially my dad who jumped in and saved me," he said. "God never stops helping people. I have a big story to tell."

A big story, about the smallest of likelihoods.