Family who lost twins in childbirth help March for Dimes cause

A Winter Haven family is channeling their sadness into helping others. Brittany and Joshua Chaney lost their twin girls during childbirth and are sharing their story and raising money for the March for Dimes, to help make a difference in the fight to save the lives of premature babies. 

The Chaney family came to Winter Haven from North Carolina about five months ago. Brittany, a traveling ICU nurse, and her husband Josh decided they needed a change after losing their twin daughters Piper and Harper in childbirth. 

"I was diagnosed with placenta previa about 13, 14 weeks pregnant with the twins," said Brittany. "And that is just were your placenta is too close to the cervix and ideally that fixes itself, and it moves away from the cervix as your babies grow in your uterus expands. But, it doesn't always fix itself. And it didn't in our case."

To channel the pain of losing their daughters, the Chaney's decided to help raise money for the March of Dimes. They have been doing it for the past three years, raising thousands of dollars. 

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"We wanted to do something every year to remember our girls and our family and friends be able to participate," Brittany explained. 

Josh is no stranger to the March of Dimes. When he was a child, his dad would give them coins as part of their Christmas presents. 

"And before we ever counted the first coin, it all the dimes went to my grandmother with her church, and the March of Dimes," Josh said. "And it's just something we've always done."  

Their 10-year-old son Carson even helps out. 

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"I raise money by selling lemonade, brownies and cookies. And I do it every week, once a week," Carson said. 

It all adds up to a family dedicated to the cause of helping premature babies. Brittany said the family will be leaving for another assignment next month. 

For more information on how to participate in the upcoming March for Babies walks, visit