Fleeing suspect uses roof to hide from Pinellas County sheriff's helicopter

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said if you’re going to hide after committing a crime, they’ll find you, even if you think on top of a roof is a good spot.

On Thursday, the agency shared video of its sheriff’s helicopter tracking down a suspect who tried to flee from a traffic stop after running over stop sticks. When he abandoned his car, deputies said he tossed a container of crack and ran.

The chopper and K9 unit were dispatched, and tracked him to a home, where he was crouched behind a chimney on the roof. Deputies did not say where or when the incident took place.

The video was shared on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page, and wrote, “Despite being given verbal direction to stop from a nearby deputy, you toss a small blue container containing crack cocaine into the car and flee into the neighborhood. Oh, and the Flight Unit is on scene. Where do you hide?”

“Spoiler Alert: The helicopter found him.”