Flight makes emergency landing at TIA

An American Airlines flight had to turn around and make an emergency landing Wednesday at Tampa International Airport because of a mechanical issue.

According to airport officials, American Airlines flight 782 from Tampa to Philadelphia landed safely after the pilot reported a mechanical issue and had to shut down one of the engines shortly after take-off.

The plane made it safely back to the gate where passengers have deplaned and will board another plane to Philadelphia -- eventually. 

"There was an issue with the main engine so we had to turn around and come back to Tampa maybe 30 minutes into the flight, land, and we stayed on the plane for about 20, 30 minutes and they eventually told us to de-plane and that our flight was completely canceled," passenger Sam Hassett told FOX 13. "Everyone is scrambling to get the next flight out of here and my flight is not until 5 p.m. tonight.

This story is developing. Stay with FOX 13 for updates.