Florida Python Challenge underway to raise awareness about nonnative species

Python hunters from all over are in Florida this week, combing through more than a million and a half acres of Everglades to catch the invasive snakes during the Florida Python Challenge. They’re competing for $10,000 in grand prize money for the most pythons caught.

The goal of the hunt is to reduce the number of Burmese pythons that threaten wildlife in the Everglades. 

While every python likely won't be caught, the Florida Python Challenge helps to raise awareness about how the public can play an important role in identifying and removing nonnative species.

So far, more than 550 people have registered to participate in this year’s Python Challenge. The 10-day competition continues through Sunday, July 18 at 5 p.m. 

For more information on registration, visit FLPythonChallenge.org.

To report sightings of nonnative species, visit ivegot1.org.