Florida Southern College sued over online learning; parents say daughter didn't get money's worth

Florida Southern College in Lakeland, along with dozens of other institutions around the country, is being sued because of COVID-19.

A New York attorney representing the parents of a Florida Southern student recently filed a lawsuit in federal court, mirroring other lawsuits that are being filed nationwide.

The suit maintains that Sara Salerno of New York, did not get her money’s worth from her tuition during the spring semester because she was forced into distance learning.

Florida Southern, like many colleges, in canceled classes because of COVID-19, and told students to finish out the semester online.

In a written statement, Grant Heston, a spokesman for Florida Southern wrote, “When we were directed to close the campus, faculty immediately developed robust and rigorous distance-learning plans so that students could complete the semester remotely.”

“Thanks to the dedication of our expert faculty and staff, the college's remote-learning plans engaged and challenged students academically,” he continued.

Students at Columbia University, Boston University, Georgetown and the University of North Carolina are filing similar suits.