Florida's voter registration deadline for the general election is today

It only takes a few minutes, but Hillsborough County’s supervisor of elections says you can’t vote until you ensure you’re registered.

“It takes minutes to register online. And if you don’t have access, fill out a paper form,” said Craig Latimer. “It has to be postmarked today to be accepted for registration.”

If you’re unsure if you’re registered, Latimer says, that’s an easy fix.

“They can go online,” he said. “Go to VoteHillsborough.org, or whatever county they vote in, and look yourself up. Make sure you are registered. Make sure your address is correct. Make sure your party is correct, and make sure your information is up to date.”

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If your signature doesn’t match the one on file, you can update it online too.

“It pulls it in from your driver’s license. Then if you ever forget to sign your name, look at your driver’s license.”

If you voted by mail and realized after your signature doesn’t match, Latimer says his office will reach out to you and you can “cure” the ballot up to two days after the election. 

Counties are now accepting mail-in ballots at drive-through stations.

“I just thought it was so much easier, and the way it’s set up, it’s a breeze,” said voter Sharon Sullivan, taking advantage of the convenience.  “You don’t even have to get out of your car. You hand it to people with masks, you have a mask. It just seems the right thing to do.”

Latimer says it’s being received very well. 

“We’ve had a lot of business out here; likewise we have a lot of people who are coming up on the other side of the building and just dropping it in the drop box.”

If you drop it in the mail, Latimer’s office pays the return postage. It just has to be received by 7 p.m. on November 3.  But registration must be completed by 11:59 p.m. Monday.

Head to your SOE website for more information about voting and registering:

Hillsborough County

Pinellas County

Manatee County

Sarasota County

Hernando County

Citrus County

Pasco County

Polk County

Desoto County

Highlands County

Hardee County  

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