For 38 years, two friends have delivered meals to home bound seniors in the community

Two friends have been volunteering together for more than 35 years. Celia Ferman and Ellen Stichter are proud of their service in their community.

Celia Ferman is 78 years old and Ellen Stichter is 87 years old. The duo is part of Meals on Wheels. The program provides free meals for people who are home-bound. 

"It's fun. We enjoy doing it. We love the company with each other, love taking the meals to the folks," shared Ferman. 

Every Wednesday for the past 38 years, the twosome has delivered meals to homebound seniors.

"Just every Wednesday you get excited about knowing that you are going to be delivering the meals," Stichter said. 

The pair enjoys spending time with each other and helping seniors in the community.

"We got some friends in some interesting places, and we love to find out what's happening in their lives every week," added Ferman. 

Their friends love to see them coming each day. They create personal connections when they make deliveries.

"These are lovely ladies," said Healthcare Worker Lynn Born. "I think they are awesome. I just love them to pieces," she added. 

"We're been scout leaders together. We got children around the same age. We travel together," explained Ferman. 

Ferman and Stichter are glad to be doing something of value and importance.

"Find something that makes you know, because you got up this morning and put your clothes on, you made a difference in somebody's life," Ferman said.