Funeral held for man killed in smoke shop robbery

The man who was killed at a Bradenton smoke shop was laid to rest on Thursday.

Mohammed Hamed's casket was carried by loved ones through the Islamic Community of Tampa Mosque. A final prayer was spoken before his burial.

“Hug your children, love your children, kiss your children before you go to sleep, because you never know if you’re going to see them the next day,” said Mosque director and family friend Hatem Fariz.

Fariz said the family continues to be heartbroken over the death. Hamed was killed Tuesday night when armed intruders invaded the Green Galaxy Smoke Shop in Bradenton, which was run by Hamed and his brother. 

The brother was forced to watch it all unfold on remote surveillance video. Hamed was 23 years old.

“Mohammed was very peaceful, the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known,” said Fariz.

News of one arrest is bringing the family hope. They’re waiting for the two other suspects to be brought to justice.

“We continue to pray, that’s the only thing we can do at this moment, and let the authority do their job,” said Fariz.