Gas station gives back: Free lunches for kids, no questions asked

The Mobile station on Main Street in Safety Harbor is doing more than just selling gas.  

Inside the station is an upscale deli stocked with Boar’s Head products. For the next several weeks, they are offering elementary and middle school students free lunches. 

Kids can come in, no questions asked, and get a deli sandwich, chips, and a drink -- for free.

Ervin Suci, the manager, says they always try to help anyway they can. “There are a lot of restaurants that have been closed and all the workers, the bartenders, they have kids. They can only provide a couple weeks’ worth of money that they had saved for food.”

Amber Ezra can tell you all about the financial strain families are going through. 

“I am a hairstylist, so we aren’t working right now. So it’s been pretty rough the last couple of weeks.”

She and her son Cross went to the Mobile station for lunch today. 

“I think it’s awesome that the community wants to come together to help out for the ones that are struggling.”

Suci urges anyone that needs help to come out and get lunch for their kids.

“Most people, they need the food. No questions asked; just come in.”