Girlfriend of man killed in stand-your-ground shooting pregnant with their fourth child

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The girlfriend of a Markeis McGlockton, who was shot and killed in front of her and their children during an argument over a handicapped parking spot in Clearwater, revealed Friday she's pregnant with their fourth child.

Britany Jacobs' attorney, Ben Crump, made the announcement during a news conference in which he spoke to the community.

"Thank you for your prayers and support for Brittany Jacobs, the mother of Markeis McGlockton's three children, soon to be fourth child," Crump said.

Jacobs said she had no idea she was pregnant in July, when the ordeal unfolded in a parking lot of a convenience store.

A surveillance camera rolled as Michael Drejka confronted Jacobs because she was illegally parked in a handicapped space. While the two argued, McGlockton left the store and knocked Drejka to the ground. Drejka then pulled out a gun and shot him.

"He was the best father any kid could ask for," Jacobs said through tears. "He enjoyed evrerything with his kids and most kids don't even have a father and for him to always in his kids' lives was a big impact to his kids and it's hard to go through the season and holidays without him."

Although investigators believe McGlockton was backing away, Drejka has said he was acting in self defense.

"My. Drejka acted in totally in self defense and in complete compliance with Stand Your Ground," Drejka's attorney, John Trevena, said following a hearing last week.

"That video is the most important witness," Crump said. "It is objective. It is unbiased. It has no political persuasion. And it watched everything that happened."

Crump and Michele Rayner, a lawyer for the McGlockton family, both addressed Trevena's comments last week regarding McGlockton's criminal record.

"This is a man who was a bully, who beat on pregnant females and has a history violence with police officers and with other individuals," Trevena had said.

"There are going to be a lot of attempts to assassinate the character of Markeis McGlockton after Michael Drejka assassinated him," said Crump.

Rayner has called Trevena's comments "classless" and reiterated Friday she doesn't believe McGlockton's previous charges have anything to do with this case.

"He snuffed out his life and now he doesn't even get to know his unborn child," Rayner said.

Jacobs said she's expecting a baby boy, who is due on Feb. 9. She has not yet chosen a name.

For now, she plans to focus on getting through the next few days.

"It's a tough year, but we're still pushing through," she said.

Drejka's case is due in court again at the beginning of 2019, when his attorney is expected to ask a judge to relax some of the defendant's bond restrictions.