Gov. Scott threatens port funding over Cuba trade

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Governor Rick Scott went on the attack against trade with Cuba through Florida sea ports. 

Scott tweeted, "Disappointed that some Florida ports would enter into any agreement with the Cuban dictatorship."

The governor was in Tampa later talking about it.

"I'm a big supporter of our ports, but none of our ports should be doing business with a brutal dictator," said Scott.

He said he'll move to restrict state funding to any port that works with Cuba. Scott's comments come as Tampa gets set to host of delegation of Cuban port officials next week. Tampa is the closest deep water port to Cuba.

Cuban American activist Victor DiMaio has visited Cuba several times. He believes increased trade would help change Cuba for the better.

"If Governor Scott is about jobs, jobs, jobs, this is the opposite," said DiMaio. "This is going to hurt Tampa. It's going to hurt Florida, and it's going to hurt the United States."

"[Cuba] isn't getting any better since Castro passed away,"  said Scott. "The Obama administration appeased Raul Castro. I don't believe in that."