DeSantis pushes plan for Floridians to receive cheaper prescription drugs from Canada

From a Lakeland distribution center, Governor Ron Desantis says Florida is one step away from commercial importation of cheaper prescription drugs from the country’s northern neighbor.

"Basically these are the same drugs," he said Friday from LifeScience Logistics Distribution Center, "you just get them for a fraction of the price."

However, the last hurdle is getting the final approval from the federal level. 

"This has been under review for six months. If we weren’t denied last week we should assume it is approved," DeSantis said. "We just want to make it clear to everybody that we did all the homework we needed to do."

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Two years ago, he signed into a law a bill that paved the way to bring cheaper prescription drugs to Florida. But that was just the first step.

"It’s been an arduous process," DeSantis said. "This is not something Big Pharma wants to see…we have a strict market here with artificially high prices…We want the Biden administration to approve this, we think if they act immediately, we'll be able to provide safe and effective drugs to drive down prescription drug costs here in Florida, and the taxpayer will be able to realize a lot of savings. "