Guitar collection looks good, and sounds good too

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Richard Gonzmart's passion for food may just be rivaled by what hangs in his office.

Music is as much a part of the famous Columbia Restaurant as their 1905 Salad, which just might explain why its fourth-generation owner has no more room for his guitar collection. 

Last he counted, Gonzmart had more than 200; most of them signed.

"This is Cheap Trick, Slash, another Santana," Gonzmart said as he strolled along a wall of guitars. "BB King, Chuck Berry, and this guitar took 12 years to be made for George Benson."

One of his most precious is a guitar signed by everyone in the Traveling Wilburys, a group made up of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison, and Roy Orbison. 

Others are signed by Prince and John Mayer. They don't collect dust. He enjoys them.  

His musical roots run deep. Gonzmart's father was a concert violinist and his mom studied at the famed Julliard School in New York City. 

"My parents were such gifted people," Gonzmart said. "Picking up a guitar, no, I'm not 16, 18, 20 years old. But I've got that spirit in my heart."