Gunman dies days after allegedly shooting Pasco County deputy, officials say

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A Pasco County man accused of shooting a deputy has died following a shootout in a New Port Richey neighborhood, officials said Wednesday. The deputy who was shot remains in the hospital.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Terrance Peterson, Jr. passed away. On Saturday, deputies responded to a reported domestic violence incident. That morning, deputies learned Peterson was shooting at his wife’s Amazon Alexa smart speaker device, they said.

When deputies arrived, they said Peterson barricaded himself inside the home. After 45 minutes of trying to convince him to exit, they entered. 

During a press conference Tuesday, Sheriff Chris Nocco said Peterson fired three shots. One of the bullets struck Deputy Chris Stone’s leg, hitting his femoral artery. He had to be removed from the home. 

Meanwhile, two houses away, a retired New York firefighter, Bill Ricci, ran to the scene to help. Nocco said with Ricci’s help, deputies found Stone’s gunshot wound and used a specialized tourniquet to stop the bleeding. 

"In Chris Stone's situation, I was informed that his femoral artery was severed or damaged. You can bleed out from a femoral bleed in about two to three minutes, so getting that tourniquet on as soon as possible is very important,” Nocco explained during the press conference, commending Ricci’s efforts. "I want to thank him very much because his assistance helped to save a life out there." 

As Peterson remained barricaded, Nocco said the suspect continued firing his weapons and multiple deputies exchanged fire. A SWAT team was called in. Peterson was found with a gunshot wound to the head. It’s unclear whether the wound was self-inflicted or from a bullet from a deputy’s weapon. 

On Wednesday morning, investigators announced Peterson succumbed to his injuries. Deputy Stone continues to recover in the hospital.