Handmade drink smokers take craft cocktails to a higher level

A Tampa-based company is taking craft cocktails to a smoky new high. 

Higher Order Drink Smokers makes handmade, hardwood cocktail smokers for home or restaurant use. 

Each smoker rests on top of your cocktail of choice. Then they are filled with wood chips, which are torched, infusing a smoky flavor into your drink. 

"It’s to enhance your drink. You’re adding an extra, smokey flavor to it to bring out some extra notes," says owner, Cole Miles. 

Higher Order Drink Smokers

Miles started a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to try and jump-start the company. He asked for $7,300 from investors and ended up getting almost $58,000 in just 33 days.

"It was a big affirmation that people absolutely love these, that they support us, and they support local," he says. 

Higher Order handmade drink smokers

High Order Smokers can also be used on charcuterie trays, infusing cheeses and meats with a desired smokey flavor. The smokers come in four types of wood: maple, hickory, cherry, and white oak. 

"Each one is going to have a distinct flavor profile," says Miles.

Miles was born and raised in Tampa. "I love to be a part of this community," he says. 

Higher Order has a retail location at 4920 W. Nassau St. You can also shop online at drinksmokers.com.